Devils town – Serbia

devils town serbia 1

Devils town (September 2012) Devils town is located in the south of Serbia in the Toplica district. This phenomenon is very rare in the world and in Europe, it is found in a few other places, but Devils town of the largest dimensions and therefore the most representative In addition to the stone towers, two […]

Valjevo brewery – Serbia

gradac river serbia walking tour

Valjevo city brewery (June 2020) River Gradac is one of the cleanest rivers in Serbia and Europe. Without quality mountain water there is no good beer. The town has been producing local Valjevsko beer since 1860. The founder of the brewery was Dimitrije Mitrović, who was initially more involved in the production of wooden barrels. […]

Zlatibor mountain – Serbia

zlatibor serbia gostilje waterfall

Zlatibor waterfall Gostilje (March 2019) The western part of Serbia is hilly and belongs to the Dinaric Mountains. One of the most famous mountains in this region is Zlatibor. This mountain covers an area of ​​1000 km2, and the highest peak is Tornik (1496 m). 25 km east of the center of Zlatibor is the […]

Povlen mountain – Serbia

povlen mountain serbia walking

Povlen mountain Serbia (February 2006) Povlen Mountain is located in western Serbia, 30 km southwest of Valjevo. Povlen has three dominant peaks, namely small (1347 m), medium (1301 m), and large Povlen (1271 m). Mount Povlen is a part of the Valjevo mountains that stretch west towards the Mačva plain.   By the way, the […]

Danube river – Serbia

danube serbia national park

Danube River Iron gates Serbia (July 2018) The Danube is the second largest river on the European continent, the only bigger river is the Volga. The Danube springs in the Black Forest in south Germany and flows into the Black Sea. On its 2 860 km long route, the Danube flows through 10 countries (Germany, […]

Golija mountain – Serbia

golija serbia wild nature

Serbia – Golija (January 2017) mountain in the south of Serbia, highest peak – Jankov kamen 1833 m. There is several versions of how the mountain got its name. According to one, it was named because of its large area – Golemo means Large Mountain – Golija. Intact vastness are covered with oak, beech, spruce […]

Kopaonik Serbia

Kopaonik mountain lush green forests and mountains

Serbia – Kopaonik (July 2009), a mountain massif in the south of Serbia, the height of 2017 m – Pančićev every. At 1800 m there is an archeological site of the Celestial Chairs within which parts of the civilian settlement were excavated as well as the early Christian basilica, III / IV century.   Remains […]

Giant Ficus Cacak- Serbia

giant ficus cacak serbia

Giant Ficus Cacak (June 2020) The city of Čačak is located in central Serbia and today has a little more than 70,000 inhabitants in the narrower part of the city. The city is located in the valley of Zapadna Morava, which flows through the city center. In the center of Čačak is the spacious Ustanka […]

Gorge of river Gradac- Serbia

gradac river serbia gorge

Gorge of river Gradac Serbia (June 2020) River rises from under the Povlen mountain, and after a few km it sinks and rises again near the village of Bogatića, above the Ćelije monastery, near the Jaki izvor. It has a length of 28 km and a total drop of 187 meters. 69 speleological objects were […]

Old Platan – Serbia

old platanus tree belgrade

Old  Platan near Milošev Konak (September 2020) long ago in 1830 on November 28, Serbia received a decree of autonomy and Miloš Obrenović a princely title, to which his heirs will also be entitled. Not long after gaining autonomy, Miloš began the construction of a summer residence in 1831. which today we call Milošev Konak. […]