Serbia – Toplica, Đavolja varoš (September 2012) Đavolja varoš is located in the south of Serbia in the Toplica district. This phenomenon is very rare in the world and in Europe it is found in a few other places, but Đavolja is a town of the largest dimensions and therefore the most representative


In addition to the stone towers, two strong springs of healing water are known. In addition to the “petrified wedding guests”, the windows of Saxon miners from the 13th century were found in the immediate vicinity. During the hundreds of years before science gave a scientific explanation of its origin, numerous legends were formed.


The most famous is that the pillars represent petrified infants who were stopped by the hand of God because of sin, because their brother and sister were actually getting married. There are numerous legends about red water whose red color comes due to the high concentration of iron ore.


There are numerous trails on the site that lead you to several beautiful lookouts overlooking the surrounding mountains. In the south of Serbia, there are numerous spas, as well as many archeological sites, so you certainly have the opportunity to visit several sights, the most famous of which is the Devil’s Town.