Povlen mountain Serbia (February 2006) Povlen Mountain is located in western Serbia, 30 km southwest of Valjevo. Povlen has three dominant peaks, namely small (1347 m), medium (1301 m), and large Povlen (1271 m). Mount Povlen is a part of the Valjevo mountains that stretch west towards the Mačva plain.

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By the way, the Valjevo mountains next to Povlen are Maljen and Jablanik, which are interconnected. Povlen does not have extremely high peaks, but the mountain itself is difficult to cross. During the turbulent times, numerous hajduk companies took refuge in the mountains.

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The mountain is intersected by numerous canyons, the most famous of which is the canyon of the river Trešnjica, primarily for its beauty, but also as a habitat for griffon vultures. Povlen Mountain is a place where you can find beautiful mountain tracks that are often visited by mountaineers and nature fans.

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Povlen is a very attractive mountain both in summer and in winter. We often wish for summer during the winter months and vice versa during the summer, so this time we have prepared for you a beautiful walk through the snowy Povlen.povlen mountain serbia active tour