Prolom spa, south Serbia (September 2012) The spa with its current center in the town of Prokuplje has been known for its thermal waters since ancient times. It is precise because of the numerous sources of hot water that the whole district and the river bear the name Toplica. The most famous spa is Prolom Spa, which is located on the slopes of Mount Radan on the main road Niš – Pristina.

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More serious exploitation of medicinal waters began after the end of the First World War. One of the first larger accommodation facilities in the spa, Hotel Radan was built in 1968. This hotel accommodation has been expanded several times and today has almost 300 beds.

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One of the spa springs has a capacity of 11 liters. per second and the water temperature is 29 C. In the spa, there are several types of therapy with spa water and medicinal mud. The characteristic of Prolom water is its high alkalinity, the dominance of hydrocarbonate ions, as well as its low sodium content. Thermal mineral water in the spa helps with kidney problems, problems with the digestive organs, rheumatism and skin diseases.

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A stable water factory as well as well-organized hotel and apartment accommodation have raised the level of service in the spa to an enviable level. In the vicinity of the spa there is also the famous Đavolja varoš, as well as numerous other attractions that you can visit during your stay in this spa resort.

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