Giant Ficus Cacak (June 2020) The city of Čačak is located in central Serbia and today has a little more than 70,000 inhabitants in the narrower part of the city. The city is located in the valley of Zapadna Morava, which flows through the city center. In the center of Čačak is the spacious Ustanka Square, which is dominated by the large building of the Cultural Center.

giant ficus cacak serbia plant

The House of Culture in Čačak is not only known for the numerous demonstrations that are organized here, but also for the largest ficus in the Balkans that grows on its grounds. This miraculous plant was planted in 1971. and then probably no one even imagined that it would reach a gigantic size.

giant ficus cacak serbia cultural center

Most ficuses of this species live for two decades, and the Čačan ficus celebrates half a century this year. The length of this amazing plant is 38 m, the height of the tree is 8 m to the crown, and the circumference of the tree is 37 cm. The secret of its longevity lies in the optimal climatic conditions in which it lives with plenty of light and moisture that its roots draw from the underground water under the building.

giant ficus cacak serbia biology

The people of Čača are proud of the herbal gin and talk about it with delight and love. In the city on West Morava, which is too rich in history, you should definitely visit this plant phenomenon. Ficus looks like a plant that spreads in all directions and gradually takes over part of the home, but in fact today they represent an indivisible environment in which ficus managed and survived for a record half a century until now.

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