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Small Belgrade tour

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Small Belgrade tour: walking tour

The center of Belgrade has been intensively populated for 2000 years. Our Belgrade tour starts in the area from Kalemegdan, through Knez Mihajlova Street to Republic Square, where the life of the city took place under different rulers. The Kalemegdan fortress, which for centuries “lords” over the confluence of the Sava and the Danube, is a witness to the stormy history of this city. Numerous stories concerning great empires but also a small man were woven in the area of ​​the mighty fortress.

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Roman Belgrade – Singidunum

During the walk while the Belgrade tour lasts, we will hear stories about Roman, Byzantine, Serbian, Hungarian, Turkish and Austrian Belgrade. Roman legions built the first walls of white blocks from Tašmajdan, after which the Slavs named Belgrade (“White City“). The great military leaders and kings of the Middle Ages, as well as the events of modern days, have left indelible traces on the face of the eternally living city. Although you have passed through Kalemegdan countless times, we believe that you will hear some of the interesting stories for the first time and complete your knowledge.


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  • Check off the highlights of Belgrade and get your bearings in the city on this comprehensive 3-hour sightseeing tour. Explore the New Belgrade, Dedinje, and Upper town on both sides of the Sava River; walk around Kalemegdan Park and the Belgrade Castle complex; and see landmarks including the Church of Saint Sava, the House of Flowers, and St. Mark’s Church.


Zindan gate
Zindan gate

Opis ture

Damat Pasino turebe
Damat Pasino turebe

Despot gate
Despot gate


  • live guided tours with a licensed tour guide
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