old platanus tree belgrade

Old Platan – Serbia

Old  Platan near Milošev Konak (September 2020) long ago in 1830 on November 28, Serbia received a decree of autonomy and Miloš Obrenović a princely title, to which his heirs will also be entitled. Not long after gaining autonomy, Miloš began the construction of a summer residence in 1831. which today we call Milošev Konak.

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The architectural inn is a mixture of Balkan and oriental traditions. The spacious Topčider park is arranged around the inn. A lot of trees have been planted in the park, among which the plane trees stand out, one of which is special. Veliki Platan today represents a natural monument and is under state protection. It is believed to have been planted around 1830. so today he is about 190 years old. Its height is 34 m, and the largest branches are supported by 17 metal rails, without which they would break.

old platanus tree belgrade

The crown span of this sycamore is 49 m, and the area of ​​the shadow created by its branches is 1885 m2. The diameter of the tree is impressive and at a height of 1.3 m it is 2.34 m and the girth is an incredible 7.35 m. There are several theories as to why this particular Sycamore outnumbered the other Sycamore trees that were planted at the same time.

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 One of the most popular is that there was a lime kiln for slaking the lime used for the Konak in this place. The lime itself favored the wood, which is why it differs significantly from other types of wood. Regardless of whether this story is true, the circumstances that led to the sudden growth of this tree created a natural wonder that attracts many visitors to visit it and enjoy its shade.

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