Roman place Felix Romuliana – Serbia

felix romulijana serbia

Roman palace was a  imperial residence named Felix Romuliana (July 2018) The archeological site of Felix Romuliana, also known in literature as Gamzigrad, is located in eastern Serbia, 11 km from the town of Zajecar. The late antique palace was built at the end of the 3rd and the beginning of the 4th century for […]

Golubac fortress – Serbia

golubac fortres serbia

Golubac Fortress in Serbia from another angle (June 2019) Guardian of Djerdap as many call it, Golubac Fortress is one of the most beautiful medieval fortresses in Serbia. The fortress was built on the remains of a Roman fortification which had the same purpose as the Golubac fortress to control the movement along the Danube […]

Viminacium archaeological site – Serbia

viminacium archaeological site serbia

Archeological site Viminacium (July 2018) Today an archeological site and once the capital of the Roman province of Upper Moesia. The city existed from the 1st to the 7th century AD. During the reign of Emperor Hadrian, the city received the status of Municupium, and during the reign of Gordian III. It rose to the […]

Lepenski Vir

lepenski vir serbia museum

Lepenski Vir Serbia (July 2013) The Lepenski Vir archaeological site is located in the Djerdap National Park 160 km southeast of Belgrade. During the preparation of the terrain for the construction of the Djerdap Hydroelectric Power Plant in the 1960s, the site Lepenski Vir was found. The site is extremely significant as it is one […]

Prehistoric mine Prljuša – Mali Šturac – Serbia

prehistoric mine rudnik serbia

Prehistoric mine Prljusa – Mali Šturac (April 2021) The archaeological site of Prljuša is located on the roof of Šumadija, as it is often called Rudnik mountain, below the peak of Mali Šturac (1113 m). When you turn off the Ibarska highway, before entering the town of Rudnik, the road leads to Mali Šturac. During […]