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Golubac fortress – Serbia

Golubac Fortress in Serbia from another angle (June 2019) Guardian of Djerdap as many call it, Golubac Fortress is one of the most beautiful medieval fortresses in Serbia. The fortress was built on the remains of a Roman fortification which had the same purpose as the Golubac fortress to control the movement along the Danube and the entrance to the Djerdap gorge.

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The fortress was first mentioned in Hungarian sources in 1335. and is associated with King Ludwig I. Golubac was part of Lazar’s Serbia and after the Battle of Kosovo it belonged to the Turks. The fortress belonged to the Serbian Despotate until the death of Despot Stefan in 1427.

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After the First World War, a tunnel was drilled not far from the city, and the main road passed through the fortress until 2016. when a new tunnel was opened and traffic was finally cleared. The last extensive reconstruction was completed in March last year, and the fortress has become one of the most visited, regardless of whether it is domestic or foreign tourists.

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If you set off for eastern Serbia, visit the town of Golubac, which will amaze you with its size and location on the hills, where the Danube narrows from a width of 5 km to only 300 m.

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