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Viminacium archaeological site – Serbia

Archeological site Viminacium (July 2018) Today an archeological site and once the capital of the Roman province of Upper Moesia. The city existed from the 1st to the 7th century AD.

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During the reign of Emperor Hadrian, the city received the status of Municupium, and during the reign of Gordian III. It rose to the level of the Colony of Roman Citizens, when it received the right to mint its own money. In its golden age, the city had almost 50,000 inhabitants and it housed the IV Flavian Legion.

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The city was destroyed by the Huns under the leadership of Attila the Great in 441, only to be rebuilt by Emperor Justinian in the middle of the 6th century. More than 14,000 graves have been excavated in the city, which makes the city’s necropolis the most researched in the Roman world.

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Today, the site is decorated with all the accompanying facilities needed for a quality tourist tour of the site. By visiting the necropolis, the Amphitheater, the thermal baths and parts of the walls, you have the opportunity to find out what a capital of the Roman province in the hilly Balkans looked like and functioned.
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