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The “Medieval Belgrade Tour” invites you on a captivating exploration of Belgrade’s late medieval period, highlighted by the reign of Despot Stefan Lazarević, who bestowed upon the city a renaissance, transforming it into a vibrant Serbian capital enriched with cultural and architectural advancements.

Our exploration uncovers the oldest layers of Belgrade’s history, from the preserved ruins of medieval churches to the bustling life of the Lower Town, highlighting the city’s evolution from a desolate outpost to a center of trade and craftsmanship.

As the tour ascends to the Upper Town, stories of fortifications and the Donjon Tower will illustrate the strategic genius of Despot Stefan, and offer a window into the defensive mechanisms that shielded the medieval city.

Concluding amidst the historical and architectural gems of Belgrade, our Medieval tour will leave you with a profound understanding of the city’s medieval heritage, marked by periods of destruction and revival that shaped the character and destiny of Belgrade.

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Departure time: 10:00
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The fortress above the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers has a history that stretches back to the Romans. Throughout the early Middle Ages, the same site saw the construction of cities by the Greeks and Bulgarians. However, our tour will focus on the late Middle Ages, specifically during the reign of Despot Stefan Lazarević. In his own words, “And coming, I found the most beautiful place from ancient times, the great city of Belgrade, which by chance was ruined and desolate. I built it up again and dedicated it to the Holy Mother of God.” These words from Saint Despot Stefan Lazarević’s charter about the reconstruction of Belgrade describe the city’s “rebirth.” medieval serbia fortress private tour bigtours

With his wise and skilled policy, Despot Stefan received Belgrade as a gift from the Hungarians and made it the capital of Serbia, thereby reviving a city that had been neglected since its destruction by the Hungarians after King Dragutin, who first received it as a gift in 1284, ruled it. This Big Tours special historical tour, “Medieval Belgrade,” offers a chance to learn about life in Belgrade during these distant medieval years.balkan fortress day trip proffesional big tours

Our walking Belgrade tour begins at Republic Square, in front of the statue of Prince Mihailo, at 12:00. After discussing Belgrade’s medieval era, we continue our tour along Knez Mihailova Street to the Cathedral Church, built on the foundations of a medieval church. We proceed across Kosančićev Venac, once the city’s oldest civilian part, toward today’s Belgrade Port (rebuilt on the site of the medieval city port) to first visit the lower town. Here, we will have the opportunity to see the only preserved remains of a medieval church with parts of the metropolitan court from the once 16 city churches.kalemegdan fortress live guided tour bigtours

Likely, this archaeological site housed the cathedral temple dedicated to the Dormition of the Holy Mother of God, who was also the city’s patron, modeled after Constantinople. We’ll also pass by newer churches, including Saint Petka and Ružica Church, each associated with fascinating stories. The tour then continues through Despot’s Gate to the upper town, where we’ll pause in front of the modern monument to this highly significant ruler.belgrade famous monument attractions big tours

Due to frequent threats and attacks from the Ottomans from the east, Despot Stefan moved his seat north and revitalized Belgrade, proclaiming it the Serbian capital. The previously deserted city was given new splendor. Upon acquiring the city (1402), Stefan first refurbished the old fortifications, towers, and ramparts, then built the Upper Town as a formidable entity with an internal complex and court, all protected by the mighty Donjon Tower or the tower of the last defense. We’ll have the chance to see a model of this fortress with Despot’s chambers, which will bring long-forgotten courtly tales to life before your eyes. serbia ancient fortress public tour bigtours

In the Upper Town, the Despot himself, his family, and nobility resided, while the life of ordinary people unfolded in the Lower Town, where trade and craftsmanship flourished thanks to Despot’s privileges. The city rapidly expanded, and the population significantly increased. Here, your tour guide will share insights into the life of both the rulers and ordinary people in medieval Belgrade.

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After exploring the Upper Town and its significant sites, we return via Knez Mihailova Street to Republic Square, where our “Medieval Belgrade Tour” concludes. With us, you’ll get a chance to explore the architectural and historical landmarks of medieval Belgrade and have a peek into the everyday lives and the broader societal context of this pivotal period in the city’s past!


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