Blederia Waterfall near Negotin in Serbia

Blederija waterfall – Serbia


Not far from Djerdap National Park, on the slopes of Mount Miroč between Donji Milanovac and Brza Palanka, there is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Eastern Serbia. Due to its beauty, untouched nature, nearby caves and numerous geological formations, this natural asset is 2019. placed under the protection of the state.

This is reason enough why this natural beauty should be on the list of every true nature lover, and in this travelogue we will try to convey its beauty and importance to you.

Serbia blederija waterfall nature danube

River Blederija

At 389 meters above sea level, the river Blederia springs from the limestone cracks that are numerous on Miroč. It is formed by several different springs whose temperature ranges from 8-17 degrees, and at a distance of 2 km there is a waterfall of the same name with a height of 8 m. which forms a shallow lake of beautiful turquoise color. It is precisely because of that turquoise color that this waterfall is called the Kladovo Emerald

The river course forms a shorter gorge 4 km long before it flows into Ravna Reka, from where it continues to the mouth of the Danube under the name Račka Reke or simply Reka. Today, the waterfall is deeply hidden in the depths of Miroč, and the Roman road used to pass here before Emperor Trajan made (cut) a path through the Djerdap gorge. Not far from the waterfall, in the place of the town, there is a medieval fortress that bears witness to the later historical periods of this region.According to legend, the Miroč mountain was the place where forest fairies lived, who collected medicinal herbs and used them to treat Serbian heroes. Today, the Blederia waterfall and its surroundings represent an undiscovered natural gem that provides a beautiful experience for all lovers of nature and active tourism.

Why Should You Visit Blederija Waterfall?

Spectacular surroundings: In the vicinity of the waterfall and on the way to it, there are several significant natural, historical and cultural places that should be visited. Djerdap National Park, Viminacium Archaeological Park, Golubac Fortress, Danube River, Miroč Mountain are just a few of the places that attract tourists from all over the world with their importance, beauty and landmarks.

Connection with nature: The surrounding forests, clean water and air, an environment rich in negative ions provide an unforgettable experience, and the bravest can bathe in the emerald lake, which will bring benefits to both the soul and the body.

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 Planning Your Visit

Best Time to Visit

Each season brings its charms. While spring brings a new energy of awakening, birth and flowering, autumn colors bring a note of calmness and tranquility, until summer allows bathers to fully enjoy the waters of Blederia.

How to Get There

Blederija waterfall is accessible by car a little more than 3 and a half hours drive from Belgrade, and our agency offers you the possibility to visit other sights that are on the way or near the locations we visit, such as: Djerdapska National Park as part of the visit to Blederija waterfall gorge, Viminacium archaeological park, Golubac fortress, Lepenski vir, Danube cruise with all its attractions and sights, and you can read more detailed information about it on our Danube George tour.


Serbia blederija waterfall nature daily tours

·         What to Bring

  • Camera: For capturing the stunning views
  • Binoculars: For bird-watching
  • Snacks and Water: There are no shops nearby
  • Comfortable Footwear: The terrain can be uneven

·         Sustainable Tourism

  • As the world becomes increasingly aware of the importance of sustainable tourism, it’s crucial to respect the natural environment during your visit. This includes adhering to established trails, disposing of waste responsibly, and minimizing noise pollution.

·         Conclusion

  • The Blederija waterfall is a destination that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, historical significance, and opportunities for personal reflection. Whether you’re an avid photographer, a nature lover, or someone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, Blederija waterfall has something to offer.