Krusevac city – Serbia

krusevac serbia monument kosovo battle

Krusevac Serbia, Monument to Kosovo Heroes (November 2011) The town of Krusevac is located in the Morava valley on the river Rasina. The first written sources about the city date from the 14th century (1387) when Prince Lazar confirmed the old privileges to the people of Dubrovnik. The city was founded by Prince Lazar in […]

Cathedral Church of city Nis – Serbia

chatedral church nis serbia

(September 2020) Nis is the third most populous city in Serbia after Belgrade and Novi Sad. The city is located in the Niška basin on the banks of the river Nišava at an important crossroads. There are several Orthodox churches in Niš, however, the Cathedral is the most important place for celebrating numerous Christian holidays. […]

Oplenac Topola – Serbia

oplenac topola serbia karadjordjevic

Oplenac Topola – Serbia the church of saint George (June 2020) The memorial church and mausoleum of Karadjordjevic are located on top of the hill Oplenac above Topola. The construction of the church began in 1910. according to the project of Kosta Jovanović. King Pera, as the people called him, did not wait to see […]

Prehistoric mine Prljuša – Mali Šturac – Serbia

prehistoric mine rudnik serbia

Prehistoric mine Prljusa – Mali Šturac (April 2021) The archaeological site of Prljuša is located on the roof of Šumadija, as it is often called Rudnik mountain, below the peak of Mali Šturac (1113 m). When you turn off the Ibarska highway, before entering the town of Rudnik, the road leads to Mali Šturac. During […]

Valjevo brewery – Serbia

gradac river serbia walking tour

Valjevo city brewery (June 2020) River Gradac is one of the cleanest rivers in Serbia and Europe. Without quality mountain water there is no good beer. The town has been producing local Valjevsko beer since 1860. The founder of the brewery was Dimitrije Mitrović, who was initially more involved in the production of wooden barrels. […]

Old Platan – Serbia

old platanus tree belgrade

Old  Platan near Milošev Konak (September 2020) long ago in 1830 on November 28, Serbia received a decree of autonomy and Miloš Obrenović a princely title, to which his heirs will also be entitled. Not long after gaining autonomy, Miloš began the construction of a summer residence in 1831. which today we call Milošev Konak. […]

Zlatibor mountain – Serbia

zlatibor serbia gostilje waterfall

Zlatibor waterfall Gostilje (March 2019) The western part of Serbia is hilly and belongs to the Dinaric Mountains. One of the most famous mountains in this region is Zlatibor. This mountain covers an area of ​​1000 km2, and the highest peak is Tornik (1496 m). 25 km east of the center of Zlatibor is the […]

Prolom spa – Serbia

prolom spa serbia

Prolom spa, south Serbia (September 2012) The spa with its current center in the town of Prokuplje has been known for its thermal waters since ancient times. It is precise because of the numerous sources of hot water that the whole district and the river bear the name Toplica. The most famous spa is Prolom […]

Gracanica monastery – Serbia

gracanica monastery kosovo serbia

Gracanica Monastery Kosovo and Metohia – Serbia (April 2013) Gracanica Monastery is located 10 km from Pristina on the left bank of the river Gracanka. The church of the Gracanica monastery was built by the Serbian King Milutin in 1321. and dedicated it to the Assumption of the Most Holy Mother of God. The monastery […]

Rača Monastery next to the Drina – Serbia

raca monastery serbia

Rača Monastery, one of the important medieval monasteries of the Serbian Orthodox Church, had a very important spiritual, cultural, educational and historical role for the serbian people in the past. The monastery is located at the foot of Mount Tara, 3 km from the Drina River. According to legend, the monastery was built by King […]