(September 2020) Nis is the third most populous city in Serbia after Belgrade and Novi Sad. The city is located in the Niška basin on the banks of the river Nišava at an important crossroads. There are several Orthodox churches in Niš, however, the Cathedral is the most important place for celebrating numerous Christian holidays.

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The church was built from 1856 to 1872 as a three-nave basilica with five domes and is dedicated to the feast of holy Trinity. Reverend Bishop Janićije made a large contribution and invited wealthier people to help build a temple that Niš was worthy of. Five bells were placed on the church, the first was a gift from Prince Milan, the second was cast from captured Turkish weapons, and the remaining three were donated by Nišlija.

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On the upper gallery of the church there are two chapels, on the north side the chapel of John the Baptist and on the south side the chapel dedicated to Simeon Myrotočiv. The church was frescoed only in the thirties of the last century. The church housed a magnificent 12 x 19 m iconostasis, which consisted of 54 icons.

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The temple was damaged several times, and it experienced the greatest destruction during the Allied bombing in 1944. and during the big fire in 2001. when the church burned to the ground. After the renovation that lasted for five years, the temple was re-consecrated in 2006. The cathedral in Niš captivates with its architectural beauty from the outside, but also with its harmonious frescoes, which make this church a special spiritual place.

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