Gorge of river Gradac Serbia (June 2020) River rises from under the Povlen mountain, and after a few km it sinks and rises again near the village of Bogatića, above the Ćelije monastery, near the Jaki izvor. It has a length of 28 km and a total drop of 187 meters. 69 speleological objects were explored in the Gradac canyon: 67 caves and 2 pits.

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The river canyon is inhabited by a large number of different animal species. Plant life in the gorge: The gorge’s canyon cut, as well as the entire Gradac river basin, is characterized by an exceptional diversity of plant species as well as the number of mushrooms.

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So far, 400 plant taxa and 240 types of fungi have been registered in this area. On the shores of Gradac, there are blue waters with burdock, milkweed, rastavici, and mint. A large number of mushrooms can be found in the forests located in the river canyon.

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Unplanned cutting of forests, causing fires, extracting sand and gravel, dumping waste and even creating wild landfills are completely undesirable activities that, along with poaching of game and fish, represent attacks on the basic values ​​of this natural environment.

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