Monastery Novo Hopovo is hidden in Fruška gora mountain . The monastery is dedicated to the transfer of the relics of St. Nicholas. Novo Hopovo is an important cultural center and the seat of the bishop since its founding at the beginning of the 16th century.

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Transfer of the relics of St. Theodore Tyrone was killed in 1555. on this occasion the whole body was transferred except the hand of the saint. The founder of the monastery is considered to be Djordje Brankovic, who brought famous painters from Mount Athos who painted the monastery.

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Extensive reconstruction was carried out in 1949. and on this occasion the old frescoes and the remains of the older church were discovered. Dimitrije Obradović became a monk in this monastery and was named the monk Dositej, a great Serbian educator and the founder of the great school that is the forerunner of the University of Belgrade.

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The monastery of Novo Hopovo has suffered several times during the turbulent times, but each time it was restored by the faithful people, thus renewing their souls, keeping the Orthodox flame in this area.

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