Shargan eight train Kremna – Serbia (April 2019) The first railway in Serbia was built on the route Belgrade – Nis (243 km) and was officially opened in 1884. Although this railway has been modernized for a long time and does not exist in its original form, by riding the train Sarganski osmica you can feel how the “steel dragon” tames the mountain heights.

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The route, part of which today represents a museum-tourist complex of narrow gauge railways, used to be part of the Uzice – Visegrad – Sarajevo railway. The remains of the old railway were removed in 1974. and today, a part of the railway from the Mokra Gora station to the Sargan Vitasi station in the length of up to 15.4 km has been completed.

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Complete renovation and preparation for tourist purposes were completed in 2003. The summer season lasts from April to October, while the winter season is extremely short and lasts from the end of December to the end of January. Not far from Mokra Gora is the ethnic village Drvengrad, which was built by our famous director Emir Kusturica for the purpose of recording the movie “Life is a Miracle” and which is often visited on the way to Sargan.

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During the summer season, this exceptional attraction is visited and enjoyed by more than 80,000 tourists. Riding a narrow-gauge train with occasional breaks for taking photos and rest is more than a pleasant experience that you will surely remember for a long time.

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