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Valjevo brewery – Serbia

Valjevo city brewery (June 2020) River Gradac is one of the cleanest rivers in Serbia and Europe. Without quality mountain water there is no good beer. The town has been producing local Valjevsko beer since 1860. The founder of the brewery was Dimitrije Mitrović, who was initially more involved in the production of wooden barrels.

At the end of the 19th century, the brewery expanded and became a joint-stock company. Valjevsko beer contains 4.7% alcohol, prepared from quality raw materials according to a traditional recipe. The basic characteristics are fine aroma, full taste, pleasant bitterness as well as a refreshing effect.

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After a walk through the beautiful canyon of the river Gradac, there is no better pleasure than drinking one Valjevsko beer in the shade of the ethnic restaurant “Skok po skok”.

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