Bac fortress Serbia (December 2018) The city of Bac is located on the banks of the Mostonga River in the Bačka District, 60 km west of Novi Sad and 50 km south of Sombor. The region of Bačka is named after this once famous city. These areas were inhabited in the Neolithic period, but the remains of later settlements from the Bronze Age were also found.

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Archeological findings indicate the arrival of the Romans in the vicinity of the city. The first written sources mentioning the town of Bač date from the 6th century during the reign of Emperor Justinian. According to written sources, Slavs have been living in this area since the sixth century.During the reign of the Arpad Dynasty, the city became an important spiritual seat as well as a royal city.

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The end of the 12th century represents the golden age of Bač when the city was enlarged and a powerful fort was built. After two Serb migrations in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the majority of the population of the city and municipality of Bač Serbs. During the 15th century the city began to lose importance due to the frequent raids of the Turks.

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The area protected by ramparts is 0.45 ha. During the construction, the fort was adapted to the modern artillery style of warfare.Today the fort is partially restored and in the main tower there is a permanent exhibition of the medieval town of Bač.As a destination that is relatively close to Novi Sad but also to Belgrade, it is the right choice for a day trip. For fans of medieval but baroque cities, Bač is a true destination where you can enjoy the remains of medieval architecture.

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