Belgrade from the plane – Serbia

Belgrade from the plane (June 2013) Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and today has more than 2 million inhabitants.


A large number of tourists or our passengers leaving or arriving in Belgrade have the opportunity to see the city from the air a few minutes before landing. The first thing that catches the eye is certainly the big rivers and their mouths, the war island, Avala, and the “jumpy” New Belgrade. 3_Srbija_Beograd_iz_aviona_razgledanje_grada_minibusom_akcija

When visiting the city, walking tours and panoramic tours are organized in order to better get to know the parts of the city that can be seen from the plane.4_Srbija_Beograd_iz_aviona_izleti_grada_autobusom_first_minute

Belgrade is a city that has lived for more than 2,000 years with a turbulent history, and it also has its young face when the sun disappears from the sky. The position of the city can best be felt from the air, so it is possible to organize a trip by plane in order to get to know the city with a big heart better5_Srbija_Vojvodina_Beograd_iz_aviona_obilazak_grada_jednodnevni_izleti_povoljno